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R is amazing, but daunting for many. The programming style of R, compared to the point-and-click style of typical software, is a hurdle for many. Perhaps particularly so for those in the social sciences, whose statistical needs are often met by other software packages. Yet such packages are often very limited in terms of their options to visualize the data at hand. I believe that the amazing visualization-capabilities of R might be one way to get more people to use it. To lower the barrier to start using R, this package allows users to visualize their data using an online graphical user interface (GUI) that makes use of R's visualization package ggplot . There are two ways of using this functionality: 1) online, where users can upload their data and visualize it without needing R, by visiting this website ; 2) from within the R-environment (by using the ggplot_shiny() function). Importantly, the R-code will also be provided such that the user can recreate the graphs within the R-environment. The main aim (or hope) is to get more people using R and its wonderful (graphing) capabilities.

App info

This application was built in R version 3.3.2, and uses the following packages: ggplot2 , Shiny , stringr , plotly , readr , readxl , haven , and RColorBrewer.

This application was created by Gert Stulp . Please do report bugs and send feature requests to g.stulp[at] . Visit for further description and code.


Thanks to Wilmer Joling for setting up the website which is based on the magical but incomprehensible docker . Thanks to Hadley Wicham for making such good packages (and open access books describing them), that allow even low-skilled and low-talented programmers like myself to be able to contribute to R